B.C., Mississauga, ON

You helped us be more aware of how we affect each other and perceive ourselves in different environments. Our relationship has become stronger and we now know how to support each other far better.

R.C., Hamilton, ON

You helped me look at my son in a different light. By remaining focused on him, our relationship shifted and I understand him better. Today was one of the most wonderful, calm, and fun filled days!

V.S., Mississauga, ON

I am usually good at self-reflection/ introspection, but talking to you helped me look at myself even more objectively.

K.K., Orange County, CA

Human Design has expanded my understanding of myself and others.

B.P., Mississauga, ON

Wow what an amazing reading! We had just met and you had no previous knowledge of me or my personality.

From the birth information I supplied, you were able to accurately describe me and many of my attributes, some of which I have wondered about all my life. You gave me some very simple but powerful suggestions to work with some of my traits.

This was just from a mini reading I can hardly wait to find out more in a full session with you!

H.B., Saint John, NB

Your assessment of my design was bang on! You gave me insight on how I interact with others along with solutions to increase my productivity and play to my strengths.