Your birth details hold the key ...

Using your birth data (date, time and city) Human Design creates a genetic map or blueprint for your life.  A reading of your design will provide you with details of your true potential and unique place in the world.  You will gain a greater understanding and awareness of yourself and those around you.

The science of Human Design is the marriage of traditional and modern science.  The traditional sciences, such as the Chakra system, the Kabbalah and the I’Ching are combined with the modern science of reading the genetic code and quantum mechanics.  This synthesis offers insight into how you are designed to navigate your life.

Human Design can help you better understand your relationships and how you interact with others – both personally and professionally.  By understanding how you and others close to you are designed, you will find greater clarity and purpose. With Human Design you can improve your decision making because you live in accordance with your design – your true self.